Savour delectable dishes, enjoy a wonderful holiday. Amolaris: a haven of culinary delights

Where else but in the scenic Val Venosta can the essence of South Tyrol’s flavours truly be found? The area around the Amolaris is a paradise of delectable offerings, a truly remarkable spot for those who have a passion for exceptional cuisine. Immerse yourself in a gastronomic journey at the Amolaris. Sample masterpieces of Alpine-Mediterranean cuisine and discover a myriad of tantalising aromas, textures, and flavours. Discover our legendary breakfast, the creations of HomeChef Karl Telfser and our regional restaurant tips. 

Your holiday at the Amolaris tastes this delicious

The finest sustainably sourced ingredients, cherished culinary traditions and exceptional fine dining make your stay a pure delight. 

For late risers and early birds

Good morning! Every day we put together a personalised breakfast for you and deliver it right to your chalet.

Your breakfast crate

Fine dining in private

Your chalet transforms into a Michelin-starred kitchen! Our HomeChef Karl Telfser’s cooking box is a masterpiece!

Your HomeChef

Enjoyment on every corner

The Val Venosta is South Tyrol’s gourmet region. The food that grows, thrives and is prepared here is nothing short of exquisite. 

Your restaurant tips
„The bathing pool was perfect for a refreshment on hot days. The garden is beautifully designed and the apartments are modern, functional and you immediately feel comfortable in it. The breakfast is very varied and just delicious. A successful start to the day. The host family and staff are very friendly and helpful.“
Luzia from Switzerland
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„We really enjoyed the holiday in the chalet. One of the highlights next to the hot tub in the garden, was in any case the lovingly made breakfast basket with the regional products. We were looking forward to it every day.“
Linda from Austria
Our reviews
„We would book again anytime it was really nice, excellent, perfect and we did not miss anything. Can only recommend!!!! Excellent top“
Andreas from Switzerland
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