Hiking. Nothing but hiking. The Val Venosta mountain paradise.

Carefully put one foot in front of the other. Keep gaining height. Surpassing yourself. Hiking is unlike any other sport in that it is both uplifting and simple. The Amolaris is the perfect place if you want a choice between easy themed hikes or challenging alpine tours and learn something new every day. Your hiking holiday with us in Coldrano, Val Venosta, will be wonderfully diverse and exciting.

Monte Sole

Steppe grass in South Tyrol? It is real! Even if it’s only on the Monte Sole. Nomen est omen: The unique microclimate of the Monte Sole is home to a unique flora and fauna. You can walk from Malles to Parcines along 12 kilometres of this amazing natural beauty.

Monte Tramontana

Beautifully shady, lush green and densely wooded: The Monte Tramontana stretches over 40 kilometres and offers a variety of different hikes at all altitudes. Without a doubt, the Monte Tramontana is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the region.

Themed hikes

Hiking is beneficial to your health. Here in Val Venosta it even makes you smart! Because there are numerous adventure and themed hiking trails near Coldrano, such as the glacier nature trail and the strawberry hiking trail.

Hikes along the irrigation channels

Hike along centuries-old waterways and gradually get to know the Val Venosta. The hiking trails along the irrigation channels in Laces and Val Martello are open all year. For the most part, you can hike cross-country without having to worry about steep gradients.

High-altitude hiking trails

Whether you’re hiking the Val Venosta or the Ortles high-altitude trail, expect spectacular views and distant vistas, as well as a wide range of stages and sporting challenges. Ideal for seasoned hikers and fit mountain enthusiasts. You can walk as far as Austria or Switzerland if you want.

High alpine tours

You have to climb the Ortles at least once in your life. That’s what South Tyrolean mountaineers say. You can take thrilling tours into the high alpine regions on mountains other than the highest one in the country. The peaks of the Sesvenna and Ortles-Cevedale are also there. We can organise a private mountain guide for you, if you like.