Every day, discover something new. Excursions in Val Venosta.

Spend a day exploring the stone kingdom. Uncover the secrets of the glacier mummy. Explore Italy’s smallest town. If you are curious and love culture, Val Venosta has a lot to offer. Of course, one holiday is never enough to see everything, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite excursion destinations for you.

The Middle Ages in miniature. The town of Glorenza.

It’s unbelievable, but it’s true: the smallest town in Italy is located in Val Venosta. Glorenza is a small town with only 900 residents, but it is a sightseeing giant. The town has created a museum in honour of the illustrator Paul Flora, who was born there. Glorenza resembles a bustling open-air museum between the market square, the fortified tower and the charming alleyways. You can visit Italy’s first and (so far) only whisky distillery outside the gates of the small town.

Val Venosta is loaded! The white marble of Laas.

Hard. Resistant. And beautiful. Marble is quarried in Val Venosta. This special stone, known as Lasa or Covelano marble, is prized all over the world. In Lasa, you can immerse yourself in the world of stone, take a guided tour of a quarry or watch the stonemasons at work. Exquisite jewellery made with Lasa marble makes an enchanting souvenir that fits into your handbag.

A picture postcard idyll with a sombre past. The tower in Lago di Resia.

Kitesurfers and anglers have been having fun here for quite some time. Lago di Resia, however, has become one of the most popular photo motifs in the Alps since the Instagram community discovered the tower in the lake. The Netflix series “Curon” also made the steeple in the water famous. Lago di Resia is always worth a visit, whether for a quick snapshot or a deep dive into the turbulent history of Curon.

Icy legend. The myth of Ötzi.

Ötzi’s own story, as well as the story of his discovery at the Hauslaubjoch, reads like a thriller. Even today, he is still an object of desire and a mystery. You can walk in Ötzi the Iceman’s footsteps in Val Venosta. The ArcheoParc in Val Senales even offers guided hikes to the Ötzi discovery site on the border between Austria and South Tyrol.

The legacy of our ancestors. Culturamartell and the Stelvio National Park.

An untamed, mountainous world. Home to endangered species of fauna and flora. Homeland for generations of mountain farming families. The Val Martello and the entire Stelvio National Park are a fascinating world unto themselves. The Culturamartell Museum provides an interesting insight into the past, present and future of this special area.