Spaces for yourself

Living in the moment

Perfect balance. Live in the moment. Focus on the essentials. These are our goals. For us as a family and for you as guests. With Amolaris, we have created a location where personal well-being is at the centre of everything. A place where you can express your desires in a natural way. Where privacy and service are harmoniously combined; personal needs are elevated. To sum up, a space where every moment is the exaltation of beauty and a hymn to the freedom of emotions.




the nature, the view, the housing concept



ˈintimit; -tə-

the mood, the interiors, the environment



individju əl

the experience, the offers, the service

From Obermühle zu Schanzen to Amolaris

It all began with the Schanzen mill, mentioned in a historical document dated 1775. The new name Amolaris derives from "mola", an ancient term for the stone mill. Even the names of the Premium Apartments, holiday apartments and chalets are a respectful tribute to the cultivation of wheat in Val Venosta, the Tyrolean granary and the local art of milling, transforming our wheat into flour for centuries, helping to meet our basic needs in a meaningful way.

Heart and origins - The Musmühle zu Schanzen

To grow well, you need deep roots. This is why we consider the mill in the in the heart of the garden a fundamental place for us. It is on the farm where our grandmother Rosa was born.
The symbolic reference is natural: what was Musmühle zu Schanzen for two hundred years, today is Amolaris. And with it, practicality and passion for the genuine, the original and the good.

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